Boohoo Festival Look!

Boohoo Festival Look!
It’s Summer!! And what says summer more than a good old festival!
Whether is V, SW4, Lovebox or T in the park you need a stand out outfit. For me, festival fashion is my favourite .. I’ve not ashamed to say that I have been known to be too busy staring at people’s outfits when I should have been enjoying the act.
This look I have came up with is all thanks to Boohoo, This whole look comes in at under £50 (what a bargain).
Boohoo is great for festival fashion because the clothes are not only bang on trend but also good quality. They are also cheap enough not to have to worry about getting them a bit muddy.
So for this look I’ve gone for something fairly simple, All based around the oh so beautiful palm tree print Co-ord. The poncho is this look is a MUST, If it rains (which isn’t unlikely) you can just throw this over your outfit to stop you looking like a “drowned rat” .. This is not such a cool look. As this poncho is also only £1 you can just bin it when the festival it over! Accessories are also a big deal for me when it comes to festivals, My advice would to be not to go for the expensive rings and watches as after a few too many ciders you might just loose them.
Bum Bags are essential too, who wants to have to be lugging around a clutch or handbag at a festival .. Not me that’s for sure! Bum bags also mean you have your hands free to be raving all day long. They are also quite a safe option as all of your valuable belongings are close to you at all times.

Now for my perfect festival ☀

I would share a tent with Cara Delevingne
My headliners would be Sam Smith and the Arctic Monkeys!
Mojito’s would be free to all attending (not only do they taste amazing but the mint would freshen breath!)
The item that I could not go without would be hand sanitizer  .. Festival toilets. Need I say more?
Wellies over wedges any day, who wants sore feet all day!
Field over beach
The theme would be Vintage Britannia – Lots of English flags, Traditional English food and of course Raw British Talent!!


Naughty Me!

For the past two months or so I have completely neglected my blog, This has been due to my final major at college having me rushed off my feet and pulling my hair out!

As of today I am back with a bang, I will be uploading every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday from now on .. So keep your eyes peeled and follow me!

Thank you to everyone that has been so patient with me and not given me a good telling off (which I do oh so deserve)


MAC Studio Fix Fluid First Impressions



lolll            it

It might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you that this is actually the first MAC foundation I have ever bough )unless the MSF’S count?) Anyway whilst I was pottering about Harrods yesterday I thought I might treat myself to a nice new foundation. I don’t know why I really never bought this foundation before as I’ve heard good things about it but I guess I just thought that my good old trusty bourjois foundations were doing the job.

So £24 Poorer (£20 for the foundation and £4 for the pump) I took it home and couldn’t wait to give it a go this morning. When I opened it up I wasn’t sure about the colour match .. I was matched NW15 which looked fairly yellow in the bottle. However as soon as I started applying it I realised I should have more faith in the guys that work at MAC because this was actually the most spot on colour for me.

Appling this foundation was a dream, I used the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It didn’t go streaky or patchy on my dry spots like many foundations in the past have. The only real gripe I had with this when applying it was the smell – It smells quite chemically but I’m sure its something I can get used too. Once applied I loved the feel, I’m not one for a complete Matte look but neither do I love the look of really dewy skin .. I like a happy medium. (never happy eh?) This foundation gave me exactly that! I still applied powder trough my t-zone but that was more out of habit than the face I really needed too.

Overall my first Impressions of this product are very very good, it has ticked all the right boxes so I will now have to wait and jut keep my finders crossed that it doesn’t break me out! I shall keep you all updated 🙂

Hope you all are having a lovely day! ❤


Lunch at Harrods and OOTD with my best friend!

As its the easter hols my best friend had a break from uni and is back down in Kent (woohooo) My family and I treated her to a nice day out and lunch at Harrods, She is always so beautifully dressed I thought I’d force her to feature on my blog ….

As she is back for a good couple of weeks I’m going to try and talk her into doing a little guest post so watch this space!


My dry skin is no more!

my mask

If you have been reading my blog for a while you might know that I have and always have has super dry skin and am always buying lotions and potions to help. I usually find something I like then move on to something else … However I have been using that mask for way over a month now and It does everything I could want in a mask. The first thing that drew me towards this mask was the fact it has rose water in, rose water is something that has always worked for my skin so I had very high hopes for this product.

This mask provides the perfect amount of hydration to give your skin a kick up the bum, so to speak. It just leaves it smooth, plumped up and glowing – what more could you want? It also makes my make up go on more easily and keeps it looking fresher for longer. I adore mask and definitely want to try other products from the range so let me know if you have any recommendations!